EH Recommended Reading

This page contains three items, first, a full list of all of the books that Hemingway read (1910-1940) second, Ernest Hemingway’s own recommended reading list that was taken from the book By-Line: Ernest Hemingway by William White and finally, my own recommended reading list of the man himself, Ernest Hemingway.

His own recommended reading list includes:

War and Peace and Anna Karenina by Tolstoi

Mr. Midshipman Easy, Frank Mildmay and Peter Simple by Captain Marryat

Madame Bovary and L’Education Sentimentale by Flaubert

Buddenbrooks by Thomas Mann

Joyce’s Dubliners, Portrait of the Artist and Ulysses

Tom Jones and Joseph Andrews by Fielding

Le Rouge et Le Noir and La Chartreuse de Parme by Stendhal

The Brothers Karamazov and any two other Dostoevskis

Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain

The Open Boat and The Blue Hotel by Stephen Crane

Hail and Farewell by George Moore

Yeats’s Autobiographies

All the good De Maupassant

All the good Kipling

All of Turgenev

Far Away and Long Ago by W.H. Hudson

Henry James’s short stories, especially Madame de Mauves, and The Turn of the Screw, The Portrait of a Lady and The American (I own a 1907 copy of The American in mint condition published by Scribner & Sons, Henry James wrote most of The American, his third novel, during his stay in Paris in 1875-76).

(In his own words from By-Line: Ernest Hemingway)


Recommended Reading List for Ernest Hemingway by Michael Wood

1. The Sun Also Rises (1926)

2. All of Michael Reynolds work on Hemingway – see here

3. The Old Man and the Sea (1952) – Won the 1954 Nobel Prize for Literature

4. For Whom the Bell Tolls (1940)

5. Running with the Bulls (2005) by Valerie Hemingway (she ended up marrying Hemingway’s son Gregory and was Ernest secretary when he was married to Mary in 1959-60).

6. Hemingway: A Biography (1985) by Jeffrey Meyers

7. A Farewell to Arms (1929) – Hemingway wrote this when he was 30 years old. A great companion book when you read FA is 20th Century Interpretations of A Farewell to Arms edited by Jay Gellens

8. Ernest Hemingway: A Life Story (1969) by Carlos Baker – considered one of the most complete works on Hemingway.

9. A Moveable Feast (1964)

10. Strange Tribe (2007) by John Hemingway (he is the son of Gregory who was one of Ernest Hemingway’s three sons)

11. Islands in the Stream (1970) – always connected with this book for some reason. It was written 9 years after Hemingway’s death  – great movie starring George C. Scott

12. Hemingway (1987) by Kenneth S. Lynn

…this should keep you busy for a while – more to come!


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