15 New Hemingway Letters Acquired

A nice article by Martine Powers appeared in our Boston Globe on Thursday March 29th titled Hemingway Letters offer glimpses of author’s soft side. The Hemingway Museum at the JFK Library recently acquired 15 new Ernest Hemingway Letters – sounds like another great reason to get back for a visit! Susan Wrynn, curator of the EH collection actually went to Italy to personally pick up the letters. One of the letters was written to  Gianfranco Ivancich who of course is the brother of Adriana who EH had a crush on and was used in his work. Maybe we shall see some of these letter’s in one of the upcoming volumes of Letters by Sandra Spanier? See press release from JFK Library here.


My First Visit to the Hemingway Museum!

I had the distinct pleasure of visiting the Hemingway Museum at the JFK Library last week for the first time. I could have easily spent the entire day looking at all the Hemingway letters, books, photos and art work. A great way to describe what part of the museum up on the 5th floor is like was stated nicely by Hemingway curator, Susan Wrynn, who said to me “it’s a hidden gem” of the area. I spent more than two hours in the beautiful archive room that overlooked the water and nearby UMass Boston.

I did not have a specific focus on this visit other than to get a tour by Hannah who was terrific and then to spend some time to peruse Hemingway’s work and letters. As for the letters (Collection #104), I spent time looking at incoming letters, postcards and newspapers from people like F. Scott Fitzgerald during the Dec 28, 1928 time period and through May 10, 1934. Following that, I spent time looking at letters from Ford Maddox Ford during the 1932-39 time period.

In addition to letters, I found a fantastic 353 page PhD dissertation by Sharon M. ZeBrack titled Ernest Hemingway: A Levinsonian Study of Mental Illness in Middle Adulthood – The CA School of Professional Psychology at Alvaredo (May 2001).

I would highly recommend a visit to this “hidden gem outside Boston – the museum has a knowledgeable staff and more than 90% of the Hemingway letters are housed here. I now even have my own researcher identification card (good for a year) that I will surely be using soon again. Happy Holidays!!

Upcoming Hemingway Talk at JFK Library

Ernest Hemingway and the Sea

Tuesday, October 12, 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at the JFK Library in Boston

Author, Paul Hendrickson discusses his new biography of Ernest Hemingway as seen through Hemingway’s long relationship with his beloved boat, Pilar.

Hemingway and JFK Connection

Portrait of Hemingway by Waldo Pierce

I am really starting to like the Journal of Oak Park and River Forest which had a second article regarding Ernest Hemingway in the last month.  The article goes on to talk about Hemingway’s work that is kept at the JFK Library in Boston. For a look into what Hemingway’s own personal library contained visit this 441 page PDF document.

“Thomas Putnam, who gave the 27th annual Ernest Hemingway Birthday Lecture at the Oak Park Arts Center last Wednesday evening, is the director of the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum. According to the program, the JFK Library is “responsible for collecting, preserving and exhibiting the documents, audiovisual material and memorabilia of Kennedy and his administration.” Read full story by writer Ken Trainor …

J.D. Salinger’s 1946 Letter to Hemingway

The 1946 letter that Catcher in the Rye author, J.D. Salinger wrote to Ernest Hemingway back in 1946 was on display at the JFK Library outside of Boston. Here is the transcript between one of my favorite NPR radio host, Scott Simon and Tom Putnam, director of the JFK Library, who oversees the Hemingway collection. There is also the 3 1/2 minute audio version at the top of the article.

Here is the actual letter if your interested in reading it. Enjoy!

Hemingway Papers Arrive at JFK

boatErnest Hemingway’s Cuban papers (1939 to 1960) have arrived at the JFK Library in Boston.  Here is a video of Susan Wrynn, the Hemingway Curator talking about EH and his papers and letters that number approximately 2,500-3,000 depending on the source you read.  The story that accompanies the video is written by Boston Globe writer  David Abel.