Hemingway Quote Found in Boston’s North End

You just never know when you will come across something involving the wide scope of Ernest Hemingway. It may be finding a copy of one of Papa’s classic novels in an old bookstore (which has happened to a few of us!). But how many of you have come across a Hemingway quote in a bathroom of all places in Boston? Well if you eat at Neptune Oyster in Boston’s North End (the food was great) you will see the following quote:



Author Sternbergh Comments on Ernest Hemingway

The comments from Author Adam Sternbergh, a Toronto-born journalist who lives in Brooklyn, N.Y., published his debut novel, Shovel Ready, a sci-fi/noir hybrid set in a near-future New York that has seen better days; its sequel, Near Enemy, will arrive in bookstores this month. I thought his comments about which books has he reread the most were very interesting (from the website The Globe and Mail):

Which books have you reread most in your life?

Ernest Hemingway, Mary HemingwayConfession: I’m a slow reader.  And I always feel shamelessly under-read. I could fill this page with the names of essential authors I still haven’t gotten around to, and those are just the ones I want to read, not the ones I feel I should read. One book I’ve read multiple times, and will read multiple times in the future, is For Whom the Bell Tolls by you-know-who. It’s more fashionable now to dislike (or, worse, dismiss) Ernest Hemingway than to like him, and even though this book was rapturously reviewed at the time, it isn’t now popularly considered to be his best. But this novel checks all my boxes. When it was published in 1940 (that decade again!), a critic at The New Yorker wrote, “I do not much care whether or not this is a ‘great’ book. I feel that it is what Hemingway wanted it to be: a true book.”

Mention of Hemingway in Movie

The other night I was watching the movie Fight Club starring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton. I had seen it when it first came out back in 1999 but when I was watching it for the second time I picked up on something that I must have missed the first time around. The two main characters are walking down the street and Norton says to Pitt: “If you could fight anyone who would it be?” Pitt replies: “could they be dead or alive” Norton: “either one ” Pitt replies: then it would be Hemingway”.