Hemingway’s Short Story from 1956 is Published for First Time

Ernest Hemingway had a handful of short stories that were never published during his lifetime. He told his publisher Scribner’s to publish these five short stories after his death. One of those long-lost stories, “A Room on the Garden Side,” is now being published 62 years later. Hemingway was quoted as saying “they are probably very dull stories but some are very funny I think. Anyway you can always publish them after I’m dead.”

Robert Capa 937

Image Credit: Copyblogger

The short story deals with war and male camaraderie during war time. The story begins inside the Hotel Ritz in Paris, one of Hemingway’s favorite cities. Some of his best work like For Whom the Bell Tolls was also written during wart time and I’m sure this short story will not disappoint the many Hemingway fans.

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