Listening to Ernest Hemingway’s Audio Books

Ernest-Hemingway-quoteWe all love to read Ernest Hemingway novels but are we missing out on anything if we put down his books and instead move over to his audio books instead? Well, it looks like Simon & Shuster doesn’t think so, they has been offering Hemingway audio books since 2002. The New York Times had a full article on the topic recently titled “An Audible Feast”. The full Ernest Hemingway audio library collection is selling for $399 and it just might be the item to have for those long rides or those rainy days.

A collection of his audio books include the following works:


  • The Sun Also Rises, read by William Hurt
  • A Farewell To Arms, read by John Slattery
  • To Have & Have Not, read by Will Patton
  • For Whom The Bell Tolls, read by Campbell Scott
  • Across The River & Into The Trees, read by Boyd Gaines
  • The Old Man & The Sea, read by Donald Sutherland
  • Islands In The Stream, read by Bruce Greenwood
  • The Garden Of Eden, read by Patrick Wilson
  • True At First Light, read by Brian Dennehy


  • Death in the Afternoon, read by Boyd Gaines
  • Green Hills of Africa, read by Josh Lucas
  • A Moveable Feast: The Restored Edition, read by John Bedford Lloyd
  • By-Line: Ernest Hemingway, read by Campbell Scott

 Short Stories:

  • In Our Time, read by Stacy Keach
  • Men Without Women, read by Stacy Keach
  • Winner Take Nothing, read by Stacy Keach
  • From The Short Stories, read by Stacy Keach
  • The Nick Adams Stories, read by Stacy Keach

4 thoughts on “Listening to Ernest Hemingway’s Audio Books

  1. Michael Atkinson

    Can’t find your email, so: I’m the author of two recent mystery novels configured around Hemingway and his biography — HEMINGWAY DEADLIGHTS and HEMINGWAY CUTTHROAT, both from St. Martin’s Books — and as I work on the third in the series, I’d love to send copies to you so you could read them and write about them, in whatever fashion you choose, on your blog. Let me know!


    1. Hi Michael –

      Thanks for reaching out and I would enjoy reading and blogging about your books – look forward to it and Thanks!!

      Michael Wood
      12 Pine Cone Lane
      North Attleboro, MA 02760


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