Hemingway: The Wild Years

photo-33I’m finding some great Hemingway facts that I was previously unaware of as I continue to read various stories in the 1962 book, Hemingway: The Wild Years edited by Gene Z. Hanrahan (Dell 1st edition, 288 pages). This book was published just 17 months after Hemingway’s death. The book contains 13 sections with more than 70 of Hemingway’s articles as a correspondent that gives some great insight as a young writer.

I came across what may have really happened with the young Hemingway while at the Toronto Star and why he left so quickly – after only four months on the job. The book states that the real reason for his leaving has been “obscured in controversy.” The book touches a bit on what happened with the editor there. In 1924 Hemingway would leave Toronto and never return as he headed to Paris with his wife Hadley. The book states that 1924 was the end of one life and the beginning of another. Even though he would live another 38 years a writer by the name of Ernest Walsh would state in the January 1925 issue of “This Quarter” what may have summed up the life of Hemingway in a single statement:

“Hemingway selected his audience.  His rewards will be rich. But thank God he will never be satisfied.  He is of the elect.  He belongs. It will take time to wear him out.  And before that he we will be dead.”

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