Suggested Reading on Ernest Hemingway

Hemingway_Review_Spring_2012With the new year comes a renewed sense of interest in Ernest Hemingway so I put a list together on various scholarly works, Hemingway blogs and websites that you might find interesting. In addition, please refer to my Blogroll on the lower right side of this blog – there are some great websites that reference Hemingway.

I’m always visiting Ally Baker’s Hemingway Project blog – and you should too – it has some of the best Hemingway-related interviews on the web! I enjoyed her interviews on Rene Villarreal especially after I read his book. I also enjoyed her interview with Hemingway’s nephew John Sanford.

Another interesting blog is Hemingway’s Paris – it has not been updated recently but the content is great.

Ernest Hemingway: Six Decades of Criticism. Edited by Linda Wagner, Michigan State University Press, 1987. This book contains some great criticism regarding his novels and characters. I found a short piece titled ON HEMINGWAY by Claude McHay (pg. 167-169) that talked about a meeting with McKay and Hemingway in Paris in 1924 discussing In Our Time. 

One of the top Hemingway scholars and editor of the Hemingway Review, Susan Beegle has a great interview on Hemingway that can be found here plus a book that is on my radar that I need to read Hemingway’s Neglected Short Stories. There is also an interview, in the Kansas City Star, with her that discusses what she likes about Hemingway.

After receiving a series of papers on Hemingway from Professor Donald Daiker, I had to get Modern American Fiction: Form & Function (edited by Thomas Daniel Young, Louisiana State University Press, 1989) mainly because of Professor Daiker’s chapter – The Affirmative Conclusion of The Sun Also Rises, this is a must read.

I hope you enjoy these books, blogs and websites – let me know what you think…and Have a Happy, Healthy New Year.

5 thoughts on “Suggested Reading on Ernest Hemingway

  1. Mike,

    Thank you so much for mentioning my blog and also for the suggestions of other online Hemingway resources. I am also so grateful to live in the age of the internet, where whole new worlds are available for us to discover. I love the Hemingway connections we have!

    Best wishes in the New year ahead and Happy Blogging!

    Allie Baker


    1. Hi Ally – My pleasure and I agree 100% with what you said – and how cool is it to be able to connect with some of these
      great Hemingway scholars and actually get a meaningful response – on my Hemingway bucket list would be to volunteer for the
      La Finca Vigia Foundation (out of Boston, near me) and visit Cuba.

      Have a Health, Happy New Year as well…


  2. Hi Michael, thanks so much for mentioning Hemingway’s Paris!
    I think that your blog is one of the best – a very thorough resource.
    Thanks, have a great New Year!


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