Ernest Hemingway Public Lecture

hadley-richardson-hemingway-1920For all Hemingway fans in the Chicago area there is a free lecture that is open to the public at the Newburry Research Library and registration is not required. The talk will be held in the Newberry’s Ruggles Hall on Tuesday, December 11, 2012 at 6pm. The lecture will be given by Scholl Center Director Liesl Olson.  Mr. Olson’s talk is titled “Ernest Hemingway in Chicago,” and will consider how Hemingway’s year-long residency in the city shaped the way he wrote. If you end up going please let us know how it was!  The mention of Chicago and EH makes me think about the great dialogue in Paula McClain’s book The Paris Wife. When he first meets Hadley Richardson, who eventually becomes his first wife, they are in and between Chicago and St. Louis. This book also offers a great look into that time period and might be a good read prior to attending this event.

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