How Hemingway Helps Other Authors

As I was reading today’s Sunday Boston Globe I came across a story in my favorite section, Ideas & Books, that mentioned Ernest Hemingway. In the “Bibliophiles section (page K4) writer Amy Sutherland discusses the work of mystery writer Patricia Cornwell. Ms. Cornwell is a big Hemingway fan and uses his work at times when she hits a roadblock.

Books: What kind of books do you gravitate towards?

Cornwell: …I also enjoyed “Hemingway’s Boat” by Paul Hendrickson. It’s a biographical study of Hemingway through his boat (Pilar). I’m incredibly intrigued by Hemingway. He can create so much with so few words. I keep a whole shelf of his work in my office. When I really get stuck with my own work I pull down something like “The Snows of Kilimanjaro” and savor it a little bit. See the full Boston Globe story here.

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