Some Light Hemingway Reading on Vacation

During a recent vacation week down in Rhode Island I had the opportunity to squeeze in some EH reading on top of lots of biking, SUP, kayaking (thanks Paul) and of course eating. Our favorite new place to eat down in East Matunuck Beach area is the Matunuck Oyster Bar.

Back to some interesting summer reading and of course Mr. Ernest Hemingway. I had the pleasure of reading American Short Stories: from Washington Irving to Lydia Davis (Penguin Books, 2011) and Hemingway: Life into Art (Cooper Square Press, 2000) by one of my favorite authors, Jeffrey Meyers.

The American short story book featured Hemingway’s story Out of Season (1923) – which I had not read. It was a about the differences between the sexes and in particular the issues between married men and women. Maybe he was writing about his first wife, Hadley Richardson, whom he married in 1922 and divorced five short years later? Here is a great review by Charles J. Nolan on this particular short story.

Jeffrey Meyers book was very interesting as well because of a series of fourteen essays he put together involving various aspects of Ernest Hemingway’s life – a few of which I was not aware of.  I feel that Meyers has done some of the best research and fact finding to date regarding Hemingway. One chapter discussed who Meyers actually believed influenced Hemingway’s writing while another chapter looked at some of the real people that he used as his characters in many of his works like “Chink” Dorman-Smith and Ford Maddox Ford. A favorite chapter of mine discussed his personal relationships with actors Humphrey Bogart and Gary Cooper.

For some interesting reading on our favorite author check out the above mentioned books as well as the review by Mr. Nolan. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Some Light Hemingway Reading on Vacation

  1. Sounds like a good book.
    I think “Out of Season” was based on the Hemingways’ hiking trip in the Black Forest of Germany( I could be wrong). Hemingway mentions the trip in “By-Line.”


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