Hemingway Conversations

It’s funny the interpretation you get at times after reading a short story from a writer’s perspective when he interviews a big time author like Ernest Hemingway. I had never heard of Milt Machlin before until I read about his three conversations over a five year period that he had with Hemingway in “Conversations with Ernest Hemingway”. His 1958 article appeared in Argosy (which at one time had rejected Hemingway). His stories included their first encounter as well as times when he visited the Finca Vigia in Cuba. I found them pretty interesting and decided to do a little research on Mr. Machlin and saw this story in the Virginia Quarterly Review by Jeffrey Meyers which was not what I had expected to hear. His comments about Machlin were not very positive.

There is also a second story in the VQR also by Meyers here if you’re interested.

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