The Atlantic (1965)

I recently purchased a copy of The Atlantic magazine (August 1965 issue, Volume 216 (2) for about $20.00 through a website called Between the Covers in Gloucester City, NJ. They did a great job with s/h and boxing up the magazine and also sent a catalogue of various works of Ernest Hemingway and the current market value of each book.

I wanted this particular copy of The Atlantic (which cost only 75 cents back then) because of two love poems written by Hemingway not to mention a story by Robert Manning titled Hemingway in Cuba which I just happened to read in Matthew Brucolli’s book – Conversations with Hemingway – that I mentioned in my previous post. Both poems were written to Mary Welsh Hemingway who was Hemingway’s fourth wife (married in 1946). The two poems were titled “To Mary in London” and “Second Poem to Mary.” The picture below of Ernest and Hemingway was featured in the article and was one photo that I had not seen before.

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