Hemingway Finally Arrives

Hemingway arrived at the house today. Two of the latest publications that is – Hemingway’s Boat: Everything He Loved in Life, And Lost, 1934-1961 Knopf, 2011). This 531 page book looks like it will be a fantastic read. I had heard some earlier conversations on the Hemingway Society email list that mentioned it looked quite good. Author Paul Hendrickson is on the faculty at UPenn and his previous work Sons of Mississippi (2003) won him a National Book Critic Circle Award.

The much anticipated Letters of Ernest Hemingway 1907-1922 (Cambridge University Press 431 pages, 2011) looks like it will tie some things together for me concerning EH youth, WWI experiences, and his arrival in Paris. The book – volume 1 of 16 (? I believe) is edited by Sandra Spanier and Robert Trogdon. The introduction states that 85% of the letters have never been published before.

Table Of Contents

1. General Editor’s introduction Sandra Spanier; 2. Foreword Linda Patterson Miller; 3. Introduction Robert W. Trogdon; 4. Note on the text; 5. Acknowledgments; 6. Abbreviations and cue-titles; 7. Chronology; 8. The letters, 1907–1922; 9. Roster of correspondents; 10. Calendar of letters; Index.


4 thoughts on “Hemingway Finally Arrives

    1. Thank you so much – I look forward to visiting your blog as well – I attended a great talk tonight in Boston at the JFK Library by Heminway’s Boat author – Paul Hendrickson – have you read it yet ? or the Letters yet?


      1. Hi, no I haven’t read “The Letters” yet – I hope to get that book & “Hemingway’s Boat” soon.
        You’re very lucky to have met Mr. Hendrickson!


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