Hemingway Women of Influence

4th wife Mary Welsh


3rd wife Martha Gellhorn, married 1940


2nd wife Pauline Pfeiffer


1st wife Hadley Richardson - married 1922, divorced 1927
Mary, Ernest and Adriana Ivancich
Hemingway's 1st love Agnes von Kurowsky Stanfield, circa 1917

3 thoughts on “Hemingway Women of Influence

    1. Hi Wilson – yes – it is pretty interesting now that you mention it – will try to keep my eyes open on the photo and women issue from now on – thanks for the comment – check back periodically!


      1. I did a presentation this semester which took the “Snows of Kilimanjaro” story and showed how the story divided into as many parts as there were women in his real life. The way he treats the wife in each division is the way he treated each of his wives, except the last, because he wasn’t married to her at the time of writing. But, if you read one of his biographies or even the Wiki pages for the women you will see it very pronounced. It mirrors the relationships.


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