Surrounded by Hemingway

I wanted to ask if anyone from the Boston area attended the recent interview with author Paula McLain at the Kennedy Library outside Boston? I was scheduled to attend and cancelled last minute – my daughter was being inducted into her high school NHS – I was obviously not going to miss that. If you attended please let me know – I’m trying to find a tape of that particular forum from March 23rd

I am currently finishing Paula McLain’s The Paris Wife – just about done and have really enjoyed it up to this point. Recently started Robert Paul Lamb’s heavily researched Art Matters: Hemingway, Craft, and the Creation of the Modern Short Story. This will be a good read (NB – see earlier post on Lamb who I have had the pleasure of touching base via email). Have also been going through Caroline Moorehead’s Selected Letters of Martha Gellhorn. If you’re looking for a quick and interesting read on Hemingway – check out H.R. Stoneback’s Hemingway’s Paris: Our Paris? from New Street Communications. Finally, excited to see some of the movies of EH that have been out not to mention the two that will be out in the near future – more on those down the road. Are you reading anything regarding Hemingway yourself?


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