New Hemingway Book: Art Matters

I have heard some good buzz from the Hemingway email group and Amazon about the new Hemingway book (Art Matters: Hemingway, Craft, and the Creation of the Modern Short Story) by author Robert Lamb.  The book was published by LSU Press in January 2010 and was sold out by November and is once again on sale in February on Amazon where I just ordered my copy. I saw a very positive comment on Amazon.

Here is a brief bio (from Amazon) on the author:

Robert Lamb grew up in the Kingsbridge section of the Bronx and has also lived in Hartford, Connecticut and Cambridge, Massachusetts. He received his doctorate in The History of American Civilization from Harvard University and has been a professor at Purdue University since 1991.

10 thoughts on “New Hemingway Book: Art Matters

  1. Carlos Eliseu

    Great blog, good work, I like to come here and to read everything this! I am to reread my first Hemingways and to discover others. Mr. Wood, has some reference to Portugal in the writing of Ernest Hemingway? Thank you and best regards.


    1. Hi Carlos – thank you for your nice comments and please continue to come back periodically to visit and see the new content. I did not understand your question in regard to Hemingway and Portugal? Please explain. Thanks


    2. Hi Carlos – I don’t believe I ever answered your question about Hemingway and Portugal – I know that their is some reference in his early writings about the Spanish Civil War. Were you looking for something in particular?


  2. Bob Lamb

    Hi Michael–Thanks so much for the kind words. I’m delighted that you like it. The new book will be coming out from LSU Press next fall. Its title is “The Hemingway Short Story: A Study in Craft for Writers and Readers,” and it consists of full readings of representative stories. Take care, and have a wonderful new year–Bob


  3. Thanks Mr. Lamb – I just put my order in for the book over the weekend and check back with my blog – I updated the post. Finally, can u direct me to any other work/research etc that you did with EH – would love to read it. All the Best, Michael Wood. I saw that you were at Harvard. I spent six years in Harvard Sq – Bow/Arrow Street – where I had a private fitness studio…worked with clients from Kenedy B-school and Harvard. All the Best


  4. Bob Lamb

    Hi Michael,
    All my other work on Hemingway so far consists of articles in journals. But I’m just now putting the final touches on a new Hemingway book that I’ll be sending off to LSU Press in the next week or so. If they take it, then it should be out early next year. We’ll keep our fingers crossed:) P.S. I miss Cambridge. I didn’t think I did, but then I went back to give an address in 2008, and all the old feelings returned. There’s just something about the place, isn’t there?


  5. Hi Bob – Fantastic news on the new Hemingway book – please let me know when it comes out – would like to put an update on my blog if that OK? As for Cambridge there is no better place – who can forget the town with the famous zip code 02138 (Harvard Sq). I actually had a training studio on 3 Bow Street – I was married at St Paul’s Church (was living in Arlington at the time), had many great stadium stair workouts over at Harvard Stadium and proposed to my wife in Kennedy Park near the B-School where we met some two years prior. All the best with the book and please keep in touch with the publication date!!!


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