Islands in the Stream: the Movie

Islands in the Stream, the 1977 movie, starring George C Scott, is the Hemingway adaptation of his posthumously published novel of the same name. Scott stars as Thomas Hudson, the artist, who is visited on the island by his three sons, Tom, 19, David, 14, and Andrew the youngest at age 10.  He has not seen his boys in four years.  The movie is set in 1940 a year before the attack on Pearl Harbor by Japan that brings the U.S. into WWII.

The movie in my mind has some good opportunities to explore Hemingway’s writing but does not come through at times especially at the end of the movie in which Hudson is shot and eventually dies. There are some touching moments however with the interaction between Hudson and his boys especially the middle boy, David. George C. Scott brings some Hemingway bravado to his role and overall does a nice job.  Here is the full movie review from the NY Times.

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