Finding Hemingway on Cape Cod

1964 jacket
1964 jacket

The title of this post refers to some great books I came across while vacationing in Cape Cod last week.  I ended up finding a great old bookstore in Cotuit, MA called Isiah Thomas Books & Prints on 4632 Falmouth Road.  My first find was Geniuses Together by Humphrey Carpenter that looks at American writers in Paris in the 1920’s that included of course, Ernest Hemingway et al.  Other great finds for me included a 1964 1st edition of A Moveable Feast, a copy of Rovit & Brenner’s Ernest Hemingway (revised edition), and a signed copy (by Philip Young) of Ernest Hemingway – Rinehart Critical Studies – I recently read the revised copy of this but this is the original book that Young published in 1952. The things (books) you can find on a rainy day on the Cape. Upon returning home I received my copy of the revised edition of A Moveable Feast and Ernest Hemingway – The Collected Stories edited and introduced by James Fenton. I’m currently reading the New Yorker article (May 13, 1950 issue) by Lillian Ross about Ernest Hemingway. Talk about a nasty profile of EH..

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