Hemingway’s Personal Library

G6KYBKCA8G209SCAII3200CAX0ULC7CA2Q36PLCA6ZM1CXCACRFVW8CAG3JLTNCA3E7HPZCA2VW1NXCAVZ0ZO7CAYW8CDHCA9UN7OYCAEYJ1AKCAXUIXM5CATBXZNTCA4VC2ASCARPO6IPCAEB7WI5We know that Ernest Hemingway was not only a great writer but was also a voracious reader. I have read various accounts that his own personal collection included between 8,000 and 9,000 titles.  I actually came across a 441 page pdf document today that has a complete list of all the books that he owned. This document is from the JFK Library in Boston and the number that they quote is 7,368 titles. To see a composite record by James D. Brasch and Joseph Sigman click here.


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